The ImageMaster measures the optical performance of the lens on and off axis simultaneously.  Because it can rotate the lens 360º the entire image circle of the lens can be measured and that data can then be stored.  The ImageMaster also gives you a live image of the lens performance so that you can make adjustments and get the best performance measurements. 


With these measurements as a starting point you can then “de-tune” a lens much more accurately.  10%, 20% or whatever amount the lens adjustments will allow. And this data can also be stored for later use.  Specific to any lens needed.  When the “de-tuning” is no longer needed you can use the optimum stored data and return the lens to its best performance.  And if that specific “de-tuning” is needed at a later time (reshoots/pick-up shots) the “detuned” stored data will allow us to match it to the customers preferred settings.


The ImageMaster also will allow us to better match the different focal lengths within sets, so that the image quality of each lens in the set are as closely matched as possible. With these measurements it will be easier to tell which different Manufacturers lenses will work best together.


Eventually when all the lenses are inputted and the data stored the lenses can be checked, on return from a rental, to see if the optical performance has been maintained.  During a show, if a customer suspects a problem, the lens can be compared in the same way and any issues can be easily confirmed or otherwise.  Making the ImageMaster an integral part of the complete service of the lens and shortening turnaround times.