Mini Media Management Lab

The Otto Nemenz Mini Media Lab is pre-configured with all the tools you need to copy, clone and protect you digital media assets on-set.


Use this for:

- Cloning REDMAGS, SxS cards, Codex Mags, SR-Memory & CF cards to secure RAID 5 storage

- Copying media directly to portable eSATA drives

- Outputting .ARI or .DPX files from ARRIRAW media

- Outputting .EXR or .DPX files from F65RAW media

- Securely archiving any type of media to LTO4 or LTO5 tape


Pre-Loaded software:  



- ShotPut-Pro

- ARRI ARRIRAW Viewer / Converter

- Sony F65RAW Viewer / Converter

- TrueLight On-Set 


The system setups in 5min. and is ready to ship in 4min.


What's in the kit:

1x Mac 12Core

1x HP 20" LCD monitor counted in the lid of the rack case

1x Minimum 8TB external RAID 5 SAS storage

1x REDMAG Reader

1x SAS Card for Codex Desktop Transfer Station

1x Sonnet QiO for reading SxS, CF, SD & P2 cards

1x SAS connection for external LTO 5 drive

2x eSATA ports on the front of the system

1x 10GigE port for SR-Memory card reader

1x Shock mounted case with removable casters


Note: Though this system can be used for on-set dailies, it's primary function is to secure your media as fast as possible before any files leave the set.


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