Available for rent in the Los Angeles area
Available for rent in the Atlanta area
General Specifications
Body Sony Venice
Frame Rates 5.8K 17:9 1-90 FPS
5.4K 16:9 1-90 FPS
5.8K 6:5 1-48 FPS
8.2K 17:9 1-60 FPS
7.6K 16:9 1-60 FPS
8.6K 3:2 1-30 FPS
ISO Sensitivity VENICE 2 with 8.6K image sensor (MPGC-3628)
ISO800, ISO3200 (Dual Base ISO)
Base Imaging S-Log3 / S-Gamut-3
Bit Depth 16 bit
In-board recording system AXSM 1TB S66
In-board recording formats X-OCN XT/ST/LT
Weight 9.6.6 oz
Additional Information 36x24mm Full-Frame Sensor for Cinema
Built-In  8-step ND Filters 0.3- 2.4


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