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Large Format / Full Frame Zoom Lenses

Large format zoom lenses offer high-resolution imaging for large format cameras, minimizing distortion and color aberrations. They provide versatile focal lengths, excellent bokeh, and metadata systems for seamless integration with modern cameras.

PS Technik Technovision 1.5X (70-200mm +Anamorphic)


PS Technik Technovision 1.5X (40-70mm +Anamorphic)

Anamorphic Zoom Lenses

Anamorphic zoom lenses capture a wider field of view for a cinematic look, producing compressed and stretched images. They create unique lens flares and bokeh effects, perfect for filmmakers seeking a high-end aesthetic.

16mm Zoom Lenses

16mm zoom lenses, ranging from 16mm to 55mm, are ideal for wide-angle shots and versatile everyday use. They offer a variable field of view, perfect for dynamic video production.

Spherical Zoom Lenses

Spherical zoom lenses feature curved surfaces to converge or diverge light rays, maintaining aspect ratios. Common in imaging applications, they offer simpler design, lower cost, and a round field of view for diverse photography needs.

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