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Large Format / Full Frame Prime Lenses

Large format prime lenses provide exceptional image quality and coverage for large format film or plates. Ideal for motion picture productions, they offer unparalleled sharpness and depth, ensuring every detail is captured.


PS Technik Technovision 1.5X (+Anamorphic)

16mm Prime Lenses

16mm prime lenses are compact and versatile, perfect for low light and creating depth of field. 

Spherical Prime Lenses

Spherical prime lenses offer sharp, uncompressed images with no aspect ratio distortion. Perfect for low-light situations, they deliver fast performance and high-quality visuals, making them ideal for motion picture productions.

Anamorphic Prime Lenses

Anamorphic prime lenses create a cinematic look with a wider aspect ratio, shallower depth of field, and oval bokeh effect. Perfect for filmmakers seeking a distinctive, high-end visual style in their productions.

Specialty Prime Lenses

Specialty prime lenses, including tilt-shift, macro, and fish-eye, offer unique capabilities. They provide creative control and versatility, making them essential for specialized motion picture projects.

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